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You have your smartphone with you wherever you go. With S-Guard, you can now turn your smartphone into an emergency. Once you've turned S-GUARD on, your location will be monitored via GPS. Send an Alert the instant something goes wrong. The Monitoring Center will immediately be notified - as will a list of contacts you nominate - and we will dispatch the appropriate emergency service immediately to your location. These emergency services include armed response, medical assistance and law enforcement agencies. More...
  • 24/7 personal security through your mobile
  • Built on Secure Platform
  • Tested to work in stressful situations
  • Compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices

A Safety App You'll Ever Need

S-Guard turns your phone into the ultimate security device, with GPS monitoring, audio/video surveillance, and instant alerts to selected contacts and the emergency monitoring center.

A tap on the screen enables us to track you so that your movements can be backtracked as soon as an alarm is activated. With simplicity and ease of use being the key parameters, S-Guard can send call, email with video and SMS alerts to multiple pre-configured numbers from our servers in an alert scenario. Our Emergency Monitoring Center will use every means necessary to get you the help you need, wherever you are. Download User Manual(PDF)

About Synergia

Synergia develops both bespoke solutions and products by combining our industry and functional expertise with the knowledge gained from our partnerships with leading research institutions. S-Guard, a mobile application that turns the user's smartphone into a personal safety and monitoring system, was a response to the need of improving the safety and security of women.

Who needs S-GUARD?

  • Night-Shift Workers
  • Community Healthcare Workers
  • Courier or Express Service Drivers
  • Utility Workers (Gas, Electric and Water etc)
  • Field Engineers
  • Security Guards
  • Cab Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Servicing and Maintenance Companies
  • Fleet Management Companies
  • Senior Citizens

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